Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What happens when shallow blondes become super heroes just so they ca be famous? Nothing Good! The Blonde Squad by Michael Troy (Homo-Hero's Big Book of Fun and Adventure, Rocketboy, A Minute With Margot ) is a comedy pop culture satire about the state of fame and pop culture in our society with good old fashioned super hero drama and action thrown in for good measure.
In the first issue we are introduced to the team: Blonder Man, Drain, Speedbump and Psight as they take on shopping, the gym and ... Jay Leno???!!! And just what secret is there publicist hiding? Don't miss the blonde hijinks in this laugh -out-loud send up of super heroes for the Us Weekly/You tube generation.
The Blonde Squad is available for sale at The Prism Comics Online store and Hair Comics. If you live in Los Angeles you can pick it up at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Avenue and if you live in Chicago you ca fid it at Brainstorm Comics. Don't miss out o the limited edition Betty White tribute variant cover!